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The Zodiac

You all want to know what the plane will look like and how to build it. Here are some pictures to show you some things of the Zodiac plane. All pictures have been taken from the Zodiac supplier homepage. Look there for more information.

To the right some views of the Zodiac plane. Unfortunately all measurements are in feet, but you'll get a pretty good idea.
The thing that attracts us most is the robust design of the plane. It's more of a sports plane than a micro light!


This is a nice side view without the skin. Actually you're seeing a XL version here, the 'high speed version' of the HD, but the HD quite looks like it (I think).

The Zodiac is an all aluminium plane. All aluminum plating is fixed to the structure with rivets. Rivets can be mounted with a special handtool.
1) You place the rivet
2) Place the tool
3) You pull the rivet until it snaps
4) You have a perfect fix between your plating and your structure.

Here is an exploded view of the wing. The wings can be mounted and demounted to the fuselage in 15 minutes. In the wings we'll build the fuel tank with a total capacity of 100 liters. There's also a luggage compartment in the wing to store some baggage when you make a long trip.

Here's an exploded view of the fuselage. Again, all parts are aluminium. Imagine the amount of work.... but it's fun!

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